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Finer Opportunities for the Finer Options in Leather

Finer Opportunities for the Finer Options in Leather


A black leather jacket with an eagle on the back “It’s not Edith Piaf who will tell you the opposite is the leather jacket is timeless. Find in this article our tips and tricks to maintain your leather jacket.

Maintenance of your leather jacket on a daily basis

Upon acquisition, it is important to waterproof your leather bomber jacket with a colorless waterproofing spray. In this way, the color will be preserved longer and showers will not create stains on the leather.

A small, regular gesture can make a difference in the long run: regularly dust off your jacket with a soft cloth, especially when you are not using it.

To wash the inside of a leather jacket, use a damp, soapy cloth and clean the lining with. Using a warm cloth, rinse the inside – and finish cleaning by dabbing the area with a dry cloth to avoid water. Let your jacket dry in the open air, avoiding wetting the top of the leather jacket.

And to feed the leather? With the exception of velvet leather, you can maintain your leather jacket with baby body milk or cleansing milk by rubbing gently on the leather with a soft brush.

Some storage tips

Finer Opportunities for the Finer Options in Leather

When not using your leather bomber jacket men, it is essential not to leave it anywhere. Prefer to hang it systematically to a hanger to make it keep its shape, by favoring a fairly wide hanger that will not deform the shoulders of the jacket.

Leather being an organic material, avoid storing a bomber jacket leather in a plastic case as you would a suit or suit. It will be better in the open air.

Gestures to avoid for the maintenance of your leather jacket

  • Three actions are to be avoided for the maintenance of leather jackets.
  • First, never iron it – the leather would not stand.
  • Then do not put it in the washing machine, it would distort and significantly damage the material.
  • Finally, the heat abyss and hardens the mens leather bomber jacket: save him the sun by avoiding for example to put it under a veranda or on a terrace several hours in summer.
  • The trick: if you buy a product to wax the leather (prefer solid wax to liquid wax), test it first on a small hidden area of ​​the jacket with a cotton swab to check the conformity of colors.